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Review: Original Mazda 4 pot calipers

Original post by Coupe07

I got my 4 potters up. ORIGINAL MAZDA 4 pot calipers, made in japan. Done by Monster Garage.

1. brake lines – i am on autoexe steel braided lines with teflon coating all the while for RX8.
2. brake pads – yup, FD3S autoexe street brake pads
3. Brake calipers – FD3S later batches. The earlier batches have the same brake piston size and can accomodate smaller brake rotors only. The later batches have both brake pistons of different sizes and are slightly bigger. I’m still using the original rear RX8 calipers for my rear braking system.
4. brake rotors – Autoexe slotted brake rotors meant for RX8.

Performance wise – so far so good. It has to be better than the stock rx8 system, if not i will ditch this new mod. Like i said, i will not sacrifice performance/safety for looks. This 4Pot is lighter than the original single pot.

Weight of 4 pot – 3kg
Weight of stock single pot – 5kg

Unsprung weight saving.

FEEDBACK after 2 plus weeks of testing.

1. Bite feel definitely better.
2. Can brake much later.
3. Takes a while to get used to cos bite is different from original.
4. Aesthetically, looks good!

The test is based on my own setup, with slotted Autoexe rotors and Autoexe steel braided brake hose. I have not tested them on stock rotors nor stock brake hoses. However i shld tink this is good.


August 28, 2006 - Posted by | Drivetrain

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  1. How did the brakes turnout? Which model rx7s have the better bigger front calipers? And which years exactly? Which ones did u use on ur rx8?

    Comment by Brian thresher | September 10, 2012 | Reply

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