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Harman/Kardon Drive+Play

As my ride didn’t have a CD changer, decided to scout around for something that i can play from my ipod instead. Did a bit of research, and finally settled for the Harman/Kardon Drive+Play.

Cost me $500 + installation at Poh Seng, inclusive of an additional direct-to-FM adaptor cable (instead of using the built in FM transmitter).

The sound on my stock non-bose speakers is great, esp the bass (but i think my stock can’t take it so had to lower a bit) and the user interface is excellent. I installed the LCD screen on the dashboard next to the steering column, and the control knob close to the shifter.

Only prob is that once in a while (aga aga 1 in 50 instances), the unit will lose connection with the iPod. I dunno if it’s because of FM interference or coz they nvr install properly but i’ll be bringing it back this weekend for checking. Another thing is that LCD screen doesn’t support chinese characters, so all my Jay Chou CDs etc must translate to hanyu pinyin else doesn’t show up on screen.



August 28, 2006 - Posted by | Electronics & Gauges

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