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Review: Hayden ATF Cooler for 4AT

History: Read from forums and all that esp for PI auto cars (where should anything go wrong MM/PI will ask you to fock off) ATF cooler is a must to ensure that your transmision lifespan is extended, esp if you’re like me pia the car all the time.

Went to Garage R, spoke to a seebay tao sales guy. Quoted me $750 for HKS ATF cooler, told me needed 5+ hours to install, ask me come another day. Spoke quite rudely, prob because i was wearing my fav Mohd Mustafa shirt and banana slippers.

Went to AutoDynamac to fix my lighter socket, also asked about ATF cooler. He quoted aga half price of GR for a Hayden. Super friendly and helpful, shares same fashion sense as me – mustafa shirt and slippers too.

Got a call from Zav, one of the Monster guys, told him i was hunting for ATF cooler. Within 5 mins, he told me he sourced for the perfect size for the RX8 (a hayden, ‘heavy usage’ on the box, claims 33% cooler than others), and that it could be installed the moment i came over. This is great service siah!

Installation: Mechanic seemed very experienced, and what i like about the garage is that all the parts, tools, and that mechanical thing that lifts your car up – is completely new. Shit, even the toilet my wife says ‘pass’. Solid……. Installation was finished in 45mins.

i had concerns that once you change the ATF piping routing, you’ll need to top up ATF fluid. Well, the installation was done so well that not more than a few drops of ATF fluid was lost. To be kiasu, i went to see ATF levels when i got home – still full! The ATF will be installed at the bottom right foglight recess area. PI cars don’t have foggies so this ain’t any problem

Ride: Ride seems snappier, and gear changes faster. that’s for sure. Somehow, dunno psychological or not, my foot kinda seems much heaver.

Cost: Equal in price or marginally cheaper than AutoDynamac. But more important than cost is peace of mind that you got pple experienced in rotaries installing for you.


August 28, 2006 - Posted by | Engine

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