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Review: Knightsports Muffler for 6MT

Original review by Rei (http://www.rx8club.com/showthread.php?t=96986)  

Juz installed the knightsport muffler on saturday at monster garage. Initial feel
abt the muffler is that it is 1 hell of a gd muffler…(edited)

Let me start by saying, I wasn’t disappointed by the muffler…in fact, I was
impressed…after installing the muffler, the car now feels slightly more
responsive…If I wasn’t mistaken, the muffler does give a 7hp…plus the fact that
it is also lighter that the stock muffler…my guess is a combination of these 2
factors allowed me to feel a significant improvement in performance…the car now
lurges forward a little more willingly instead of the usual ” dun look at me…i’m
only a 1.3l rotary engine without any turbo inside” kind of lurge…

As for the sound, I wldn’t say it is a very loud muffler…during idling, I almost
thought i was still running on stock…but I think this is the kind of muffler that
require to be run at a higher rpm for it to sound absolutely lovely…but the true
beauty of the sound wld come in at say…ard 3k rpm? Anyway, thats what I felt…
above the 3k range…the exhaust starts to sound a little louder n a little more
bassy than b4…n as u start to rev higher, the sound juz simply starts to
compliment the engine. I say it enhances the sound of the rotary…n at 8500 rpm,
BOOM….magic…but I do have to say, this is not an exhaust for loud sounding
muffler fans coz even at very high rpm, it is still not as loud as some of those
flow thru muffler u heard on ur civics…It is juz not the typical “hey…wake up
neighbour, I’m home n I want u to know it coz i got a loud exhaust n its time
for u to go n pee b4 u embarass urslf by wetting ur bed” kind of muffler…

The look of this muffler is very similar to stock…except for the slightly bigger tail
pipe wif a knightsports wording engrave on 1 side n it protrudes out a little more
than the oem muffler…not very attention grabbing but hey…no one wants to grab
the attention of the wrong pple…for example, our very hard working ROV

Ok now, lets conclude…

Gains: 7hp
Weight: dunno…but definitely lighter than oem
Psychological Gain: Approximately 100hp
Damage: Kindly approach Monster Garage for a quotation

Lastly, I wld like to thank Monster garage for the product n the installation
process…the muffler works great…abit pai seh though…when Ivan help to
install it on my car…Buy u milo ping next time I c u, bro…thanks…
Oh, by the way…I was really proud of how my car sound b4 a yellow ferrari
zoom past me…
But hey…If I really wanted to sound like that, I want have installed microphones
n speaker to my tailpipes, right?
What more can I say…I’m a happy man…


August 28, 2006 - Posted by | Exhaust

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