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RX-8 Recall: It’s Official! (at least in the US)


Excerpted from the Mazda Motors circular to US Dealers:

Mazda Motor Corporation has decided to conduct an Emission Recall Campaign to reprogram the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and replace the spark plugs on certain 2004-2006 RX-8 vehicles produced from April 10, 2003 through June 1, 2006.
Due to PCM software calibration issues, the following conditions may result:
i) The oil-injection metering system may be inaccurate causing poor engine sealing of the combustion chambers resulting in drivability or emissions problems.
ii) Too much fuel may be injected at the time of engine start causing carbon to be deposited on spark plugs or plugs may be flooded, causing a difficult start condition. In addition, the catalytic converter may be degraded on some vehicles.
iii) (Only 2006 RX-8 vehicles are affected.) A test value indicating engine coolant temperature may be incorrectly shown on the service tool when a diagnostic function test is performed at dealership.


August 28, 2006 - Posted by | News & Events


  1. I had Rosenthal Mazda in Vienna Virginia perform this recal on 12/20/2006. They upsold me into replacing all four sparkplugs (which I thought made sense) for $200. I went home and inspected the work to find out that they did not replace the top sparkplugs at all. Please make sure to inspect the vehicle after all work. I have filed a complaint with the local dealer and Corporate Mazda. As another concern if this recal caused Seal Damage – How does Mazda recipricate the damage already caused to the vehicle?

    Comment by Jason | December 21, 2006 | Reply

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    Comment by Unison | July 7, 2007 | Reply

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