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ScanGauge II – OBD II scanner / Trip Computer / Digital Gauges

ScanGague II is an OBD II/CAN scanner that can read your car’s error codes and can also clear them to get rid of the Check Engine Light (CEL). It is also a trip computer that automatically tracks your current trip, today’s trip, previous day’s trip and current fuel tank’s trip and can give you all the usual trip computer information such as max speed, max water temp, max engine rpm, average speed, average fuel consumption, trip miles, trip time, trip fuel used, fuel used since last fill-up, fuel remaining, distance since last fill-up, distance remaining, time since last fill-up, time remaining. Last but not least, it is a digital gauge that simultaneously displays 4 pieces of data read from your ECU. You can set any of the 4 readings to display your current fuel consumption (litres/100km or litres/hr), battery voltage, water temp, intake air temp, intake manifold air pressure, engine rpm, speed (adjustable), engine load, throttle position, ignition advance/retard, etc. Anyone interested can check out this device at www.scangauge.com. This product is available in Singapore.  

The ScanGauge II is available at SGD$329 in limited quantities. SMS 96318100 or email services@sq89ers.org for more info


August 28, 2006 - Posted by | Electronics & Gauges

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  1. Where is the Scangauge 2 available in Singapore? Pricing?

    Comment by ateo | August 28, 2006 | Reply

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