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2006 Japan Rotary Festival Tsukuba

Rotary fans across Japan gather commence at Tsukuba Circuit!
Every year on July 7th, (7/7) the rotary heads from all across the island of Japan gather at this designated spot. What makes this year’s gathering even special is the appearance of RE Amemiya’s Mr. Amemiya and Sanai Works’s Mr. Ishii had formed an organization called the “Rotary Tomo no kai”; meaning Rotary circle of friends. To celebrate the start of this organization, the biggest rotary meeting in the history of Japanese motorsports took place at the Tsukuba Circuit. Some events that took place were a talk show with the drivers and campaign girls in the paddock area, time attack on the course with shop demo cars, and a drift competition. The 4 rotor 767B made an exhibition run which pumped the adrenalin of all the rotary enthusiasts that came to this event.  

Movie & Photo Report of the Hottest Cars

Sub 1 minute Tsukuba machine that is street legal!    RE Amemiya  Amemiya Kakyuuatsu Jyoushou 7 [FD3S]
Tsukuba Circuit  Best Time 59.1 Sec

The engine virtually remains stock except for the Trust TD06-25G Turbo with 1 bar of boost good for 420 horses. This rotary feels more like the stock turbos with increased boost meaning it is very easy to ride.

The vehicle is 100% compliant with the Japanese vehicle inspection laws and as a bonus, the a/c and the stereo is still intact. With that said, the machine managed to tear up the Tsukuba Circuit at an amazing 59.1 seconds. This is the dream FD3S that every rotary enthusiast wants.


Note : Windows Media Player may be required to watch this movie.


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