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RX-8 Reliability Race-proven in 24hr Round-the-clock Endurance Race

Mazda hailed the 2006 Britcar Silverstone 24 Hours a round-the-clock success as all three of its RX-8s saw the chequered flag on Sunday afternoon for the second year in succession.

Reliability is the key to endurance racing and Mazda’s strong showing was due to the RX-8’s outstanding durability and its unique rotary engine, coupled with immaculate teamwork under extreme pressure.

This weekend’s Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race at Silverstone saw all three Mazda RX-8s that finished last year’s 24 hour race complete the round the clock marathon of flat out racing for the second consecutive year.

Reliability is the key to endurance racing and it was the outstanding durability of the Mazda RX-8 and its unique rotary engine coupled with immaculate team work under extreme pressures that ensured the three production cars could complete the 24 hour endurance, covering a distance of 1,597 miles on the same engines that have now done a season with Formula Woman, a season of endurance races and two 24 hour races without missing a beat.

Due to the success of the Mazda RX-8 in last year’s S1 Production Series of Britcar endurance racing the race organisers for this year’s 24 hour Britcar changed the Class classification for the Mazda Race Team. This resulted in Mazda RX-8 Race Car 96 competing with cars that were highly modified, significantly lighter and no longer resembling their production base. The Mazda RX-8 endurance race car still retains its original unmodified RENESIS rotary engine whilst others in this higher Class benefited from significantly increased power. The RX-8 Race Car 96 was placed in Class 2 due to its carbon-fibre doors, which gives a weight advantage of 80kg over the other two RX-8s which remained in Class 3.

The three Mazda RX-8s were essentially production cars with only the suspension changed to account for the slick tyres and safety equipment fitted to conform to RACMSA, (Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association), race rules. The rotary engine and gearbox are standard and the same as found on the road-going version.All three Mazda RX-8 race cars were entered by Mazda Motors UK/Guglielmi Motorsport led by Team Director Steve Guglielmi who commented: “The cars which we used in the 24 Hour Britcar Endurance Race are based on the standard, road‑going Mazda RX-8 sports coupés. The seats and many interior panels have been removed, and each car has undergone a number of essential safety modifications – including the addition of a roll‑cage, fire extinguisher, race seat and some suspension alterations necessary for racing.

“The revolutionary 1.3-litre, 231 ps RENESIS rotary engine is standard and the only slight modification we have made is to fit a racing gearbox.”

Mazda PR Director Graeme Fudge commented: “This 24 hour endurance success further reinforces the reliability and exciting handling of the Mazda RX-8 and the rotary engine. To enter three cars in this sort of reliability test and have all three finish is a testament to the quality of the Mazda RX-8 and the dedication and commitment of the whole team.”

Third 24 Hour Challenge for Mazda RX-8
The 2006 24 Hour Britcar Endurance Race marks the Mazda RX-8’s third 24 hour event which started back in October 2004 when Mazda set a total of 40 international records with two Mazda RX-8s during a 24-hour record attempt on the 12.3 km oval at the automotive proving grounds in Papenburg, Germany. The two 231ps Mazda RX-8s drove more than 5,000 kms during the 24-hour record attempt with average speeds of 212 and 215 km/h.


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