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Preview: Green Drop-in Air Filter + REVi Ram Air Duct

Fresh from the States and lying in my storeroom: the Green high-performance drop-in filter for the stock RX-8 airbox, and a spanking new REVi Ram Air Duct from Racing Beat. For those that have been following my mod antics over the months, you’ll know i’m searching for that perfect price-performance solution for the RX-8 4AT.

Now my Apeximota – the Simota carbon fibre box + A’Pexi open pod filter intake solution works great – there is no loss in low end, gains in the mid and high end, and the car feels so much livelier. The only problem? It’s really LOUD – a hair under the same dB levels as the AEM.

Green Filters have been all the rage in Europe for some time now – the cotton material they use is far superior to K&Ns, they use less oil so there is less chance of ever mucking up the MAF, definitely better filtration performance in tests – just all-round better than an K&N. Check out the BMW, Porsche and AMG forums – Green is a mainstay there. In fact, Green is the standard OEM filter for all AMGs in Europe i believe.

So my theory? A high-airflow drop-in like Green will retain the heat/vacuum benefits of the stock airbox, perform as close as possible to an A’Pexi, get fresh cold air using the ram air duct without compromising water-damage (e.g. the AEM) – and tadaaa – a quieter with much better performance than the big-name/big-pricetag brands out there.

I’ll post a review once it’s set up.


September 25, 2006 - Posted by | Engine

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  1. damm.sounds good.woonder if it be pricey

    Comment by person | January 10, 2007 | Reply

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