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We’re 1 month old!

In about 24 hours, RXReviews will be 1 month old! Thanks to the support of you guys out there, we’ve gotten about 4,000 unique readers in the first month of publishing alone, with some 250 unique readers daily – and I’ve been told that for a new, month old site, this is actually pretty good, so thanks for the support guys! Some interesting info-nuggets:

  •  In our first week of publishing, we were getting only 10-20 readers daily.We’re averaging 250 daily now, and are enjoying a readership growth of 10-15% a week now
  • We’re now in the Top 10 in Google search rankings globally for popular rotary brandnames like RE Amemiya, and topics such as ‘rotary tuning’, ‘rx-8 exhausts’, ‘surbo’ and others
  • Every day we get 50 pcs of spam, some from disgruntled manufacturers that we’ve reviewed negatively no less
  • From a 90% Singapore readership mix, we are now pretty balanced with 20% Singapore readers, 20% US, 20% EU, and the rest from across the APAC region. Readers from ASEAN (SG, MY, TH, PH, ANZ & INDO) constitute almost half of readership base
  • Big Brother watches us – we get MINDEF and Spore govt visits ever so often

We’ll continue to bring you unbiased reporting and reviews on products and modifications that are dear to us. Until then, do send us feedback on what else you would like to read about.


September 26, 2006 - Posted by | News & Events

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