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Shootout: RX-8 AT vs MT Dyno Comparison

What happens when you have 2 club guys with new rides and a lot of spare time? A Dyno shootout of course! Run at ST Powered just a few days ago, we’re pitting a stock, brand new JDM 6MT against a souped up JDM 4AT. We’ll also contrast a previous run done on a stock 4AT as baseline.

JDM 6MT: Mostly stock, HKS Hipermax II, Knight Sports ECU Remap
JDM 4AT:  RE headers, Fujitsubo exhaust, HKS open pod, battery relocated, Cusco suspension and braces, etc etc
JDM 4AT baseline: Stock

THE RESULTS (Horsepower at wheel):

JDM 6MT:  202.3 HP
JDM 4AT: 160.1 HP
JDM 4AT baseline: about 140 HP


May 3, 2007 - Posted by | Others


  1. What is a “good” Cold Air Intake system for a 2006 Mazda Rx-8 6-sp Shinka edition? K&N or Airaid Etc?

    Comment by Mark | May 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hi Mark, i’ve never heard of Airaid for the RX-8 so i won’t comment on that. the most popular brands are Racing Beat, K&N and AEM (which is oem for Mazdaspeed as well). I’ve also seen less common JDM ones e.g. Greddy and RE-Amemiya being used as well.

    I’m personally using Racing Beat – the ram air duct DOES actually filter in colder air (i’ve got an air intake temp gauge), and its much quieter and refined in terms of sound. AEM is by far the loudest and man can it screech at WOT. K&N T2 and the Greddy is in the middle.

    One brand I would not buy unless the filter is ‘modified’ to either a K&N or Apexi is the Umnitza/Simota. The carbon fibre box looks pretty but it has a crap filter.

    Get the Racing Beat, you won’t regret it. If you’re on a budget, get the RB ram air duct, keep your stock airbox, and just put a drop-in K&N. It’ll more or less have the same effect.

    Caveat – if you drive an AT, you WILL NOT gain low end torque – at best it will stay the same, and more often than not, you lose a bit of power there.

    Comment by gfoo | May 7, 2007 | Reply

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