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Headsup: RXReviews To Review Max Zone GT

The good fellas at AMMPAF will be sending down a unit of their much touted (and grassroot-level acclaimed) Max Zone GT desulphator. So what is the Max Zone GT? From their website http://www.ammpaf.com.sg :

“Max-Zone consists of a two-part electronic device which incorporates Pulse Technology regulated by a fuzzy logic microprocessor (EME). The Pulse Technology is configured to automatically restore and maintain the lead acid battery in its peak condition. The microprocessor (EME) then proceeds to orchestrate and regulate the car’s complex electrical and electronic systems. The result is an increase in ENGINE POWER, longer battery life-span, reduction in fuel
consumption, increased MILEAGE, and a quieter, cleaner engine. The Max-Zone GT (red) is basically a much more powerful version of our best-selling Max-Zone Standard (silver), designed and build to cater to bigger cc cars and other performance vehicles. What the Max-Zone GT’s EME chip does for your car engine is that it aids your ECU in keeping the air/fuel mixture within the narrowest band of operating parameters (between 0.98 to 1.02), even tighter than what your ECU can manage on its own (0.8 to 1.2) on the lambda scale. What this translates to is better fuel economy and an increase in power, due to the more complete combustion of fuel and air.
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RXReviews will also be doing an EZ-Stab Extreme vs Max Zone GT shootout at the end of the reviews so watch out for it!


May 9, 2007 Posted by | Electronics & Gauges | 2 Comments