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MM Singapore Succeeds In Restricting Parallel Imports of the JDM RX-8

 Editor’s Note: Apparently, not all the major supply sources have been affected, with niche importers with direct sources such as Garage R still getting their hands on the 8. However out of the few supply pipelines, it’s confirmed that one major one has been affected – thus impacting the generic PIs affiliated with them

Just in! Parallel importers in Singapore have confirmed that effective immediately, they will be stopping all new and existing orders of JDM RX-8s. This will affect all JDM models – 5MT, 6MT, 4AT, 6AT. This was further corroborated by customers, who have waited some 3 months prior for shipment confirmation, only to be told just of this situation.

Currently, only manufacturing date 2006 4ATs (ex-stock) are available while stocks last.


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First Impressions: Max Zone GT

2nd day into the Max Zone GT Desulphator and it doesn’t look good. Then again, before it was installed, Peter (one of the owners of Max Zone) did comment that my voltmeter levels did indicate that my battery was due for a change. At least the EZ-Stab did show some gains temporarily (until ECU was reset)

So to be fair to both Max Zone and EZ-Stab, RXReviews will be installing a brand new Amaron (at Monster Garage, where else?) and redo all the tests for both products again.

Shootout first impressions soon!

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EZ-Stab Extreme Confusion?

Yup am getting a little confused as to where EZ-Stab Extreme is targeted at. In one of his replies to RX readers here, Jon said: “I made a few mistakes: 1. Installing a EZ-Stab standard on a high spec RX-8; 2. Installing a EZ-Stab standard on a highly tuned RX-8………The EZ-Stab permium versions till now are mainly installed in BMW series, some Lexus, and the Subaru high end cars.” This is consistent with conversations I had with Jon, where he said that “should the EZ-Stab Extreme be used in low powered cars, chialat (i.e. it won’t work).”

While doing some routine link-backs, i came across a thread at the Latio Club where members are raving over the EZ-Stab Extreme.

My question now is, and I hope Jon can help clarify – what is the positioning of the EZ-Stab Extreme? Why did you represent it to RXReviews that it’s solely for high-powered cars when clearly, you’re selling them to low-powered makes?

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