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EZ-Stab Extreme Confusion?

Yup am getting a little confused as to where EZ-Stab Extreme is targeted at. In one of his replies to RX readers here, Jon said: “I made a few mistakes: 1. Installing a EZ-Stab standard on a high spec RX-8; 2. Installing a EZ-Stab standard on a highly tuned RX-8………The EZ-Stab permium versions till now are mainly installed in BMW series, some Lexus, and the Subaru high end cars.” This is consistent with conversations I had with Jon, where he said that “should the EZ-Stab Extreme be used in low powered cars, chialat (i.e. it won’t work).”

While doing some routine link-backs, i came across a thread at the Latio Club where members are raving over the EZ-Stab Extreme.

My question now is, and I hope Jon can help clarify – what is the positioning of the EZ-Stab Extreme? Why did you represent it to RXReviews that it’s solely for high-powered cars when clearly, you’re selling them to low-powered makes?


May 11, 2007 - Posted by | Electronics & Gauges

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  1. Hi Bro, I am also driving a low end, low powered car, the Subaru TS 1.6….. but it was the same car I first tested the Ez-stab extreme. At least the set makes me feel like I am dring a WRX, and not a Turtle Speed….

    Comment by Jon Wong | May 18, 2007 | Reply

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