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MM Singapore Succeeds In Restricting Parallel Imports of the JDM RX-8

 Editor’s Note: Apparently, not all the major supply sources have been affected, with niche importers with direct sources such as Garage R still getting their hands on the 8. However out of the few supply pipelines, it’s confirmed that one major one has been affected – thus impacting the generic PIs affiliated with them

Just in! Parallel importers in Singapore have confirmed that effective immediately, they will be stopping all new and existing orders of JDM RX-8s. This will affect all JDM models – 5MT, 6MT, 4AT, 6AT. This was further corroborated by customers, who have waited some 3 months prior for shipment confirmation, only to be told just of this situation.

Currently, only manufacturing date 2006 4ATs (ex-stock) are available while stocks last.


May 11, 2007 - Posted by | News & Events

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  1. doesn’t makes sense to me. If this were true, does it mean that MM will be bringing in the AT models of the RX8 now? Seems more like the PI are trying to get rid of their 2006 leftover stocks.

    But then again this is good to know. I will be careful as I plan to get my car in august.


    Comment by jibster | June 8, 2007 | Reply

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