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PI World of Wheels Singapore Salesman Dishonest on RX-8 Sale

From Sviper – RX8Club: About time i came out and let the whole world know about this. I just recieved my Rx8 last month after a heart wrecking 3 month wait for it. Trust me when i say heart wrecking. For that 3 months i was constantly being tossed from left to right by the PI and the salesman who handled my sales. By not disclosing the names of the PI and salesman, i wish not to further bring up past disputes or quarrels against other PIs and salesman.

Soon after i made my downpayments and cash for accessories like any ordinary person would. I realised that i was actually issuing cheques to the saleman under his name. First initial “Booking Fee” was placed under company. Initially after which was additional payment for the full downpayment sum and money for my body kit which i asked the salesman to order for me. Reasons being that his boss required to cash in the cheque immediate and does not want to wait. I was requested to put the cheque under his name. Yes, i know it was stupid to do so but i was trusting and i did it anyway. Amount totalled up to $8000 SGD. Only when the salesman took a long break did the thought came to me that what happens if he just suddenly vanishes. Also coincidentally, another sales representative called up to follow up. When i asked the sales rep about my down payment, they could only find half of the amount that i paid in total in their records. Immediately i demanded for their boss and went down to find out what is happening. The salesman who took my down payments was in China and wont be coming back till the middle of the 3rd month. Which is why i requested that the boss of the PI call his staff and find out what is happening and why isnt my other payments recorded down on the sales agreement. Boss plainly said “He is on leave so lets not alarm him as we do not know what is happening now, why not wait for him to get back than we will arrange another meeting and get down to the bottom of things.” Which totally made my trip down useless, and did not give me any assurance that the company is willing to help out or not. Unsatisfied they just said “There is nothing we can do now also.” So for 3 weeks i had sleepless nights. When i tot it would end when the salesman came back and explain everything and all would go according to plan. But no… sadly salesman came back and told the company that he took the money as a personal loan from me. Which is crazy, i hardly know that guy. Why would i even lend him $8k. He gave me all sort of offers. $10k cash return with interest over 6 months If i paid the 8k back to the company first, compensations of $4k and even 12k worth of Rx8 parts from a Shinka2 whom owner is about to sell. I refused all offers as i know he would never be able to return. Cause the salesman did tell me; “Why blow this matter up, its only $10k not impossible to raise. Why want to make police report.”

When it was nearing my collection date. The salesman still couldnt raise that amount and i was eager to get my car. It was very clear that if the salesman did not return the $8k, i would not be able to get my car even if it was sitting there in the showroom. Another meeting with the boss and the salesman was arranged. Salesman have already defered payment of the $8k for 2 weeks already but have yet to pay a single cent. Boss of the PI told me straight forward. It was me who was too trusting to issue a cheque to the salesman under his name in the first place, and did not recognise the $8k liable under his company. And also the salesman have claimed that it was a personal loan from me to him. Furious i told the boss to return me remaining cash back and i will make a police report and i am no longer interested in getting the car. The boss showed signs of agitation and decided to come to a agreement. First of all, the $5k for downpayment will be paid for by the company and the salesman have to find someone to guaranty this $5k. As for the $3k the company will pay too, but i have to guaranty this amount. Which is ridiculous but i agreed. It was better that i stand to lose $3k rather than the whole $8k, and having to buy my COE from them and leaving not much choices left for PIs bringing in the Rx8 Type S and then waiting again for 3 months. Because from what i know, all Type S are indent basis and minimum waiting time was 3 months. I didnt want to go through the wait at the same time stand to lose 8k.

So i took the car and signed the IOU that the company wrote. Been having fun for the past 1 month and guess what. Not only did the sales follow up on my car was inefficient. No CD player was given to me as well cause it was not part of the “Standard Option”. Now… i paid $107k for a Rx8 and i dun even get a single disc normal CD player. Asked about the CD player i was told that it was a additional and chargable option of $500 dollars to install the CD mp3 player. Which after asking around, found out that it was free and thrown in by other PIs. Only later did i made it clear that i was seriously upset with the service, did the sales manager decided to throw it in, but was asked to wait for 2 months as they were going to indent it from japan. Lastly, the salesman who cheated me of the money, currently has disconnected his previous handphone, and failed to pay the monthly installment he agreed with the company on the $8k. I was than called up to ask to pay the balance share of $2800 which was agreed on my part. I am seriously taking up legal actions as i still have prove that the salesman took my cheques wrote it on the sales agreement, but have not updated on the company’s copy. And both cash cheques were cleared by him. Frankly this has to be one of the most screwed up deals, I only can blame myself for being too trusting.

Parallel Importer: World of Wheels (S)

Salesman: Jimmy Ang


June 6, 2007 - Posted by | News & Events


  1. I am truly sorry for the trauma you had with that PI. I really feel for you and admire you for the way you handdled yourself.

    And thank you for sharing it on this site. I will not be touching that PI at all. Go get them man!! bury their ass in legal crap. I would love to see it come out in the media!!

    I just ran into your site and I think it is very cool.
    have just put on my favs list


    Comment by jibster | June 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. you singaporean don’t have an comsumer protection law. it your government fault. the car-salemen you dealing with, he must be typical clumny and stupid. don’t he care about he job, what happen after spending those money he took from you? he is very short-sighted.

    Comment by l.k. | July 26, 2007 | Reply

  3. Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

    Comment by black_mamba | October 17, 2007 | Reply

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  5. From reading the whole story for 2 times, I pity the company, as they have to bare all the shit done by you in the first place. You should go for the salesman, not the company as they are also the victim.
    I believe you have already confront the salesman and you know that he can’t pay you back and so that’s the reason why you get the company involve, right?

    Why put blame on others, as you know very well, it’s all your own doing!

    Comment by m.y | May 12, 2008 | Reply

  6. m.y is the boos of the company…..

    Comment by k.q | October 26, 2009 | Reply

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