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PI World of Wheels Singapore Salesman Dishonest on RX-8 Sale

From Sviper – RX8Club: About time i came out and let the whole world know about this. I just recieved my Rx8 last month after a heart wrecking 3 month wait for it. Trust me when i say heart wrecking. For that 3 months i was constantly being tossed from left to right by the PI and the salesman who handled my sales. By not disclosing the names of the PI and salesman, i wish not to further bring up past disputes or quarrels against other PIs and salesman.

Soon after i made my downpayments and cash for accessories like any ordinary person would. I realised that i was actually issuing cheques to the saleman under his name. First initial “Booking Fee” was placed under company. Initially after which was additional payment for the full downpayment sum and money for my body kit which i asked the salesman to order for me. Reasons being that his boss required to cash in the cheque immediate and does not want to wait. I was requested to put the cheque under his name. Yes, i know it was stupid to do so but i was trusting and i did it anyway. Amount totalled up to $8000 SGD. Only when the salesman took a long break did the thought came to me that what happens if he just suddenly vanishes. Also coincidentally, another sales representative called up to follow up. When i asked the sales rep about my down payment, they could only find half of the amount that i paid in total in their records. Immediately i demanded for their boss and went down to find out what is happening. The salesman who took my down payments was in China and wont be coming back till the middle of the 3rd month. Which is why i requested that the boss of the PI call his staff and find out what is happening and why isnt my other payments recorded down on the sales agreement. Boss plainly said “He is on leave so lets not alarm him as we do not know what is happening now, why not wait for him to get back than we will arrange another meeting and get down to the bottom of things.” Which totally made my trip down useless, and did not give me any assurance that the company is willing to help out or not. Unsatisfied they just said “There is nothing we can do now also.” So for 3 weeks i had sleepless nights. When i tot it would end when the salesman came back and explain everything and all would go according to plan. But no… sadly salesman came back and told the company that he took the money as a personal loan from me. Which is crazy, i hardly know that guy. Why would i even lend him $8k. He gave me all sort of offers. $10k cash return with interest over 6 months If i paid the 8k back to the company first, compensations of $4k and even 12k worth of Rx8 parts from a Shinka2 whom owner is about to sell. I refused all offers as i know he would never be able to return. Cause the salesman did tell me; “Why blow this matter up, its only $10k not impossible to raise. Why want to make police report.”

When it was nearing my collection date. The salesman still couldnt raise that amount and i was eager to get my car. It was very clear that if the salesman did not return the $8k, i would not be able to get my car even if it was sitting there in the showroom. Another meeting with the boss and the salesman was arranged. Salesman have already defered payment of the $8k for 2 weeks already but have yet to pay a single cent. Boss of the PI told me straight forward. It was me who was too trusting to issue a cheque to the salesman under his name in the first place, and did not recognise the $8k liable under his company. And also the salesman have claimed that it was a personal loan from me to him. Furious i told the boss to return me remaining cash back and i will make a police report and i am no longer interested in getting the car. The boss showed signs of agitation and decided to come to a agreement. First of all, the $5k for downpayment will be paid for by the company and the salesman have to find someone to guaranty this $5k. As for the $3k the company will pay too, but i have to guaranty this amount. Which is ridiculous but i agreed. It was better that i stand to lose $3k rather than the whole $8k, and having to buy my COE from them and leaving not much choices left for PIs bringing in the Rx8 Type S and then waiting again for 3 months. Because from what i know, all Type S are indent basis and minimum waiting time was 3 months. I didnt want to go through the wait at the same time stand to lose 8k.

So i took the car and signed the IOU that the company wrote. Been having fun for the past 1 month and guess what. Not only did the sales follow up on my car was inefficient. No CD player was given to me as well cause it was not part of the “Standard Option”. Now… i paid $107k for a Rx8 and i dun even get a single disc normal CD player. Asked about the CD player i was told that it was a additional and chargable option of $500 dollars to install the CD mp3 player. Which after asking around, found out that it was free and thrown in by other PIs. Only later did i made it clear that i was seriously upset with the service, did the sales manager decided to throw it in, but was asked to wait for 2 months as they were going to indent it from japan. Lastly, the salesman who cheated me of the money, currently has disconnected his previous handphone, and failed to pay the monthly installment he agreed with the company on the $8k. I was than called up to ask to pay the balance share of $2800 which was agreed on my part. I am seriously taking up legal actions as i still have prove that the salesman took my cheques wrote it on the sales agreement, but have not updated on the company’s copy. And both cash cheques were cleared by him. Frankly this has to be one of the most screwed up deals, I only can blame myself for being too trusting.

Parallel Importer: World of Wheels (S)

Salesman: Jimmy Ang


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MM Singapore Succeeds In Restricting Parallel Imports of the JDM RX-8

 Editor’s Note: Apparently, not all the major supply sources have been affected, with niche importers with direct sources such as Garage R still getting their hands on the 8. However out of the few supply pipelines, it’s confirmed that one major one has been affected – thus impacting the generic PIs affiliated with them

Just in! Parallel importers in Singapore have confirmed that effective immediately, they will be stopping all new and existing orders of JDM RX-8s. This will affect all JDM models – 5MT, 6MT, 4AT, 6AT. This was further corroborated by customers, who have waited some 3 months prior for shipment confirmation, only to be told just of this situation.

Currently, only manufacturing date 2006 4ATs (ex-stock) are available while stocks last.

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RXReviews To Publish DRIFT.SG in July; Call for Contributors

As some of you may already know, we’ve been holding on to the drift.com.sg and drift.sg domains thinking – now what can i do with that?  Well, we’ll be publishing a whole new magazine format wholly focused on reviewing the different performance mods out there – we aim to be completely vendor neutral, and highly authoritative.

We’ll be dropping the traditional blog engine, and will go onto a more sophisticated content management route which will include a smattering of video reviews as well!

So if you’re into Zhnging Your Ride, have spare time, and would like to be part of the pioneer team of writers, do drop me a note at gfoo@msn.com   THANKS!

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RX-8 vs 350z vs Evo Track Test Timings

Car & Driver’s Lightning Lap comparision test (their version of the Nurburgring benchmark) The test is on the Virginia International Raceway – 4.2 mile road course. Here are some of the results:

LL1 (under 30K)
car best lap time (min:secs) peak speed (mph) max lateral g

1) 350Z Track 3:12.5, 124.3, 0.9
2) Evo MR 3:13.5, 124, 0.94
3) RX-8 3:19.0, 116.4, 0.86
4) Cobalt SS – 3:20.6, 117.1, 0.85
5) Mustang GT – 3:20.9, 119.3, 0.88
6) GTI – 3:25.1, 112.0, 0.82
7) Civic Si – 3:26.5, 111.6, 0.80
8) MX-5 – 3:29.3, 108.6, 0.83

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RXReviews Tops Google Vertical Searches

Thanks to the support of all of you, RXReviews is now in the top ranges for brand review searches! Just a few of note:

‘RE Amemiya review’ – #1
‘RE Amemiya’ – #10
‘Autoexe review’ – #1
‘Knight Sports review’ – #1
‘EZ-Stab review’ – #3 (in just 2 days!)

We’ll continue to bring you the most unbiased, commercial-free reviews on performance parts for the rotory the best we can! We’ll also be adding a new section called ‘Drift Culture’, which will cover the local/regional drifting scene, articles, and of course, more reviews 🙂 – ed.

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Mazda Unveils New Rotary Engine; RX-8 Replacement by 2010

Mazda has confirmed it’s working on an all-new rotary engine for 2010.

This second-generation Renesis rotary, with more power and less thirst than today’s unit (as found in the RX-8), is the star act in a new round of Mazda powertrain technologies unveiled last week at a business conference in Tokyo.

Mazda said it also plans to introduce a new automatic transmission with improved fuel efficiency and “performance comparable to that of a manual transmission” beginning in about 2010.

As it reaffirms its commitment to rotary technology, Mazda will also begin leasing a Premacy (Japan’s version of the Mazda 5) with a hydrogen rotary hybrid in 2008 and launch a full production model using this Mazda-designed system by 2010.

Further ahead, Mazda also has an all-new hydrogen rotary engine with power equivalent to a 3.0-liter gasoline engine and a range of some 250 miles under development.

This reaffirms previous reports that a redesign would come in early 2009 as a 2010 model – a two-seat coupe was once evaluated but deemed too expensive to develop for the incremental volume it would produce. With the Mazda Kabura concept also slated for 2010 – is this a hint towards how the future development of the RX-8 replacement would look like?

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New 2008 Impreza WRX Surfaces

I’ll let the pix do all my talking, but essentially – YUCKS

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RUMOR: D1 Professional Series Coming To Singapore

Overshadowed by news on Singapore’s F1 bid, its much smaller, but flashier Japanese cousin the D1 professional series seems to be heading down to sunny Singapore sometime towards the 4th quarter of Singapore. The founding organizers including Singapore drift kings, D1 Japan and private investors are cooking up something, and it seems that D1 arriving in Singapore is looking more and more like a firm possiblity.

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UPDATE: MM Singapore Succeeds In Restricting JDM 6MT Imports

As recently reported, seems like Mazda Japan has folded under the immense pressure from MM Singapore – there will be a moratoriam on shipments from May/June onwards for JDM-spec 6MTs. Sold primarily through parallel importers in Singapore, the JDM 6MTs are some 20% cheaper than Euro-spec 6MTs sold by MM Singapore, and are up to 16bhp more powerful as the Euro vehicles are detuned for emissions.

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Mark Webber Completes Singapore Trial F1 Street Circuit at avg 30kmh

Red Bull racing’s Formula One driver Mark Webber drove through Singapore’s proposed street circuit this morning and declared that he and his fellow drivers would be looking forward to driving a “challenging & exciting” race here.

A media frenzy ensued in front of the Swissotel when Webber appeared, much to the bemusement of some of the Swissotel’s guests, some craning their necks to see what the fuss was about.

The 1.84 metre tall Australian then proceeded to test out the circuit in a black Renault Coupe-Cabiolet – with the top down – and completed three laps at a leisurely pace.

However, with ongoing road works and construction at Beach Road and Temasek Avenue, the asphalt that Webber had to traverse was far from race-worthy.

The morning traffic also provided some hairy moments as Webber was at one point, sandwiched between a car packed with photographers and journalists, and a slow-moving taxi along St Andrews Road. Midway through attempting a deft overtaking maneouvre, he coolly slowed down when it appeared that he might have realised that the Sepang race was still a week away.

Another more enthusiastic driver decided to shadow Webber in a ‘less-than-subtle’ yellow Korean-made coupe that swerved dangerously out of the Ritz-Carlton driveway ahead of this reporter to latch on to the Australian as he passed the proposed start/finish straight.

Following his jaunt along the designated route, Webber described the circuit as “a mixture of a tight and twisting section with a faster section across the start and finish line. The start of the lap looks quicker, but the middle to last sector looks a little bit tighter and slower.”

When asked to compare the route with other existing street circuits like Monaco, Webber said that Singapore’s version was more akin to the Adelaide street circuit, but would be faster.

In dutifully obeying local traffic laws while navigating city traffic, each 4.8km lap took more than ten minutes, which at race pace, could easily see more than six laps completed. Webber estimates lap times of no more than 1 minute 30 seconds given the current circuit layout.

Webber picked out section following the tight right turn at the Fullerton Hotel as his personal favourite, citing Anderson Bridge and the trees overhanging the track as elements which would give drivers the “sensation of speed and the rush of driving a car.”

In terms of overtaking opportunities, the Raffles Avenue straight which turns left onto Esplanade Drive appears to be a prime spot, as it will see the cars trying to outbrake each other at speeds of close to 300km/hr.

The Australian seemed less enthusiastic about the sections around Suntec City which he thought were “tight and twisty”, but then readily acknowledged that “to make a street circuit, you’ve got to have compromises. You cannot enjoy every single corner.

“There are going to be corners that have some potential safety issues.”

Other concerns that were raised involved the possibility of a downpour during night racing , and how the glare from surrounding floodlights being reflected in rainwater puddles could cause havoc for the drivers, in addition to the spray bring thrown up by the cars.

“Street circuits are mentally quite draining because of the immense concentration required,” he added.

“There’s a few straights here but you’ve got blind crests and manhole covers to keep yourself occupied.”

Another potential cause for concern: the heat and humidity.

Red Bull racing’s head of communications, Thomas Hofmann, confirmed that temperatures in Sepang had reached 47 degrees Celsius in the past week. With drivers losing up to 3 kg in sweat, Webber noted that a night race would certainly bring some welcome relief.

With 17 races already on the current F1 calendar, the easy-going Australian driver estimates that the racing season could eventually accommodate as many as 20 races, though admittedly, it would be quite a “busy season”.

So, will we see F1 in Singapore next year? Stay tuned.

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Knight Sports ECU Remap Prices

Knight Sports – the Japanese rotary tuning specialist – will be making a stopover in Singapore sometime April, primarily to provide ECU remapping for the large number of JDM 8s here. Here’s an insight on how much it costs to tune the 8’s ECU and what you get for your money

Light tune = S$750 (US$480)
– Speed cut
– Fan control to lower water temp

Basic tune = $1200 (US$770)
– Speed cut
– Fan control to lower water temp
– Ignition timing
– Smoothen pitch graph

*NB: Apparently both Knight Sports and RE Amemiya’s tuning service are not suitable for Euro-spec 8s, which are detuned and have totally different maps from the JDM/US versions.

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Mazda Motors Complains to Japan, Restricts RX-8 Parallel Imports to Singapore

The rumor has been verified. Apparently, Mazda Motors Singapore has lost so much business to the PIs on the 8, that an official complaint has been made to Mazda Japan, who will restrict the availability of the 8 to parallel importers to Singapore. Sources within the PI industry here have verified this, and added that short-term supply of PI 8s will be affected, and customers now have longer waiting periods of 3-6 months for some models. This contrasts to the average 1 month waiting period for models such as the Type S. Existing stockpiles of 4ATs and 6ATs are all but gone, and could soon face shipment delays.  However, PIs are rerouting their supply networks, probably obtaining 8s from alternative channels within Japan.

(NB: Mazda Motors ONLY carries the detuned Euro-spec manual 8, and not the ATs -80% of all 8s in Singapore being ATs)

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We’re 1 month old!

In about 24 hours, RXReviews will be 1 month old! Thanks to the support of you guys out there, we’ve gotten about 4,000 unique readers in the first month of publishing alone, with some 250 unique readers daily – and I’ve been told that for a new, month old site, this is actually pretty good, so thanks for the support guys! Some interesting info-nuggets:

  •  In our first week of publishing, we were getting only 10-20 readers daily.We’re averaging 250 daily now, and are enjoying a readership growth of 10-15% a week now
  • We’re now in the Top 10 in Google search rankings globally for popular rotary brandnames like RE Amemiya, and topics such as ‘rotary tuning’, ‘rx-8 exhausts’, ‘surbo’ and others
  • Every day we get 50 pcs of spam, some from disgruntled manufacturers that we’ve reviewed negatively no less
  • From a 90% Singapore readership mix, we are now pretty balanced with 20% Singapore readers, 20% US, 20% EU, and the rest from across the APAC region. Readers from ASEAN (SG, MY, TH, PH, ANZ & INDO) constitute almost half of readership base
  • Big Brother watches us – we get MINDEF and Spore govt visits ever so often

We’ll continue to bring you unbiased reporting and reviews on products and modifications that are dear to us. Until then, do send us feedback on what else you would like to read about.

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Sponsor Singapore’s A1 Grand Prix Team? You’ll need at least US$1m handy

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RX-8 Reliability Race-proven in 24hr Round-the-clock Endurance Race

Mazda hailed the 2006 Britcar Silverstone 24 Hours a round-the-clock success as all three of its RX-8s saw the chequered flag on Sunday afternoon for the second year in succession.

Reliability is the key to endurance racing and Mazda’s strong showing was due to the RX-8’s outstanding durability and its unique rotary engine, coupled with immaculate teamwork under extreme pressure.

This weekend’s Britcar 24 Hour Endurance Race at Silverstone saw all three Mazda RX-8s that finished last year’s 24 hour race complete the round the clock marathon of flat out racing for the second consecutive year.

Reliability is the key to endurance racing and it was the outstanding durability of the Mazda RX-8 and its unique rotary engine coupled with immaculate team work under extreme pressures that ensured the three production cars could complete the 24 hour endurance, covering a distance of 1,597 miles on the same engines that have now done a season with Formula Woman, a season of endurance races and two 24 hour races without missing a beat.

Due to the success of the Mazda RX-8 in last year’s S1 Production Series of Britcar endurance racing the race organisers for this year’s 24 hour Britcar changed the Class classification for the Mazda Race Team. This resulted in Mazda RX-8 Race Car 96 competing with cars that were highly modified, significantly lighter and no longer resembling their production base. The Mazda RX-8 endurance race car still retains its original unmodified RENESIS rotary engine whilst others in this higher Class benefited from significantly increased power. The RX-8 Race Car 96 was placed in Class 2 due to its carbon-fibre doors, which gives a weight advantage of 80kg over the other two RX-8s which remained in Class 3.

The three Mazda RX-8s were essentially production cars with only the suspension changed to account for the slick tyres and safety equipment fitted to conform to RACMSA, (Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association), race rules. The rotary engine and gearbox are standard and the same as found on the road-going version.All three Mazda RX-8 race cars were entered by Mazda Motors UK/Guglielmi Motorsport led by Team Director Steve Guglielmi who commented: “The cars which we used in the 24 Hour Britcar Endurance Race are based on the standard, road‑going Mazda RX-8 sports coupés. The seats and many interior panels have been removed, and each car has undergone a number of essential safety modifications – including the addition of a roll‑cage, fire extinguisher, race seat and some suspension alterations necessary for racing.

“The revolutionary 1.3-litre, 231 ps RENESIS rotary engine is standard and the only slight modification we have made is to fit a racing gearbox.”

Mazda PR Director Graeme Fudge commented: “This 24 hour endurance success further reinforces the reliability and exciting handling of the Mazda RX-8 and the rotary engine. To enter three cars in this sort of reliability test and have all three finish is a testament to the quality of the Mazda RX-8 and the dedication and commitment of the whole team.”

Third 24 Hour Challenge for Mazda RX-8
The 2006 24 Hour Britcar Endurance Race marks the Mazda RX-8’s third 24 hour event which started back in October 2004 when Mazda set a total of 40 international records with two Mazda RX-8s during a 24-hour record attempt on the 12.3 km oval at the automotive proving grounds in Papenburg, Germany. The two 231ps Mazda RX-8s drove more than 5,000 kms during the 24-hour record attempt with average speeds of 212 and 215 km/h.

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BBC Top Gear Host Richard Hammond Seriously Hurt in 300mph Crash

TV host seriously hurt in crash

Richard Hammond

The presenter is being treated at Leeds General Infirmary

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond remains seriously ill in hospital after a crash in a jet-powered car while filming for the BBC programme. The 36-year-old was taken by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary’s neurological unit on Wednesday.

A hospital spokesman said: “He has seen some improvement overnight, but remains in a serious but stable condition.”

Mr Hammond had been in a dragster-style car capable of reaching speeds of about 300mph at Elvington airfield near York.

The hospital said his wife was at his bedside and, at the request of his family, no more information would be released.

The crash will be investigated by the Health and Safety Executive and the BBC.

The BBC said in a statement: “We are looking into all the factors of this accident and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage until we know the full situation.”

He has brought an awful lot to the programme

Quentin Willson, former Top Gear presenter

Send us your comments

The dragster car he was driving was believed to have been travelling at about 300mph when it crashed.

Motoring expert Adam Rayner, of Fast Car magazine, said that at those speeds the driver would experience forces similar to those endured by fighter pilots.

“These cars accelerate at 6G – the force is breathtaking and stopping is a real difficulty,” he said.

Former firefighter Dave Ogden, who runs private firm Event Fire Services, was one of the first people at the scene of the crash.

He said: “We were down there with Top Gear who were filming him trying to break the British land speed record.

“On the previous run, the car had just gone over 300mph but I am not sure if it had broken the record.

Scene of Richard Hammond crash

The scene at the former RAF airfield where the crash happened

“They had just done one more run and were planning to finish when it veered off to the right.

“One of the parachutes had deployed but it went on to the grass and spun over and over before coming to a rest about 100 yards from us.”

He said his crew and an ambulance that was already on the airfield rushed over and found the car upside down and “dug in” to the grass.

Mr Ogden said he felt for a pulse and heard Mr Hammond breathing before the emergency crews worked together to turn the car the right way up and then cut him free.

He added: “He was regaining consciousness at that point and said he had some lower back pain. But he was drifting in and out of consciousness a little bit.”

Former Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson said the presenter was “irreplaceable”.

‘International personality’

He said: “He is a wonderful, unique and distinctive Top Gear presenter.

“He has brought an awful lot to the programme and his indefatigable energy, the fact that he tries absolutely anything once, may have been the reason that he has overstepped the mark a bit.

“He has turned Top Gear into a gang show with Jeremy and James and the three of them have wowed audiences all over the world and he is an international personality.”

Mr Willson added: “There is no pressure from the BBC or the producer to take undue risks.

“But that pressure is in your own head. You want to do an item on the programme which is mindblowing.”

The presenter, who works on Top Gear with fellow hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May, grew up in Solihull, was educated in Yorkshire and lives near Cheltenham with his wife and children.

In addition to presenting Top Gear for the BBC, he is also presenting the current series of Brainiac on Sky One.

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2006 Japan Rotary Festival Tsukuba

Rotary fans across Japan gather commence at Tsukuba Circuit!
Every year on July 7th, (7/7) the rotary heads from all across the island of Japan gather at this designated spot. What makes this year’s gathering even special is the appearance of RE Amemiya’s Mr. Amemiya and Sanai Works’s Mr. Ishii had formed an organization called the “Rotary Tomo no kai”; meaning Rotary circle of friends. To celebrate the start of this organization, the biggest rotary meeting in the history of Japanese motorsports took place at the Tsukuba Circuit. Some events that took place were a talk show with the drivers and campaign girls in the paddock area, time attack on the course with shop demo cars, and a drift competition. The 4 rotor 767B made an exhibition run which pumped the adrenalin of all the rotary enthusiasts that came to this event.  

Movie & Photo Report of the Hottest Cars

Sub 1 minute Tsukuba machine that is street legal!    RE Amemiya  Amemiya Kakyuuatsu Jyoushou 7 [FD3S]
Tsukuba Circuit  Best Time 59.1 Sec

The engine virtually remains stock except for the Trust TD06-25G Turbo with 1 bar of boost good for 420 horses. This rotary feels more like the stock turbos with increased boost meaning it is very easy to ride.

The vehicle is 100% compliant with the Japanese vehicle inspection laws and as a bonus, the a/c and the stereo is still intact. With that said, the machine managed to tear up the Tsukuba Circuit at an amazing 59.1 seconds. This is the dream FD3S that every rotary enthusiast wants.


Note : Windows Media Player may be required to watch this movie.

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Show your support for A1 GP Team Singapore

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RX-8 Recall: Reply from Huayang

Finally got a reply from my parallel importer Hua Yang – and they’re disclaiming any recall for JDM RX-8s. He says and I quote: “The parts used for Japanese Domestic models may or may not be the same as the ones used for US Models, and therefore may or may not be recalled, depending on the parts involved.” What utter rubbish.

For my Singaporean readers who bought theirs from Hua Yang, please feel free to continue adding pressure to, or make your enquiries to tecksiong@huayang.com.sg (Just getting this email address was a challenge.)


From: Peck Teck Siong [mailto:tecksiong@huayang.com.sg]
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 12:45 PM
To: Foo, Gavin
Subject: Mazda RX-8 Recall

Dear Mr. Foo,

Thank you for you email, and feedback.

We perform a search at Mazda’s Official Recall Website. www.mazda.co.jp/recall
The last recall is initiated on August 3rd, 2006, for Mazda Demio (A Japanese Domestic Model)

The parts used for Japanese Domestic models may or may not be the same as the ones used for US Models, and therefore may or may not be recalled, depending on the parts involved.

Mazda Corporation has not recalled any Domestic RX-8 in Japan as yet.
We will continue to monitor and keep you updated.

Once again, thank you, and Happy Motoring.

Peck Teck Siong
Operations Manager
Hua Yang Enterprise Pte Ltd

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New RX-7 or 2008 RX-8?

Rumors have been circulating around the internet and other sources that Mazda plans on releasing a new rotary by 2008/2009. Some have said that it will be newly designed and will be revealed towards the end of the year, and most likely the RX-7 replacement.

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RX-8 Recall: It’s Official! (at least in the US)


Excerpted from the Mazda Motors circular to US Dealers:

Mazda Motor Corporation has decided to conduct an Emission Recall Campaign to reprogram the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and replace the spark plugs on certain 2004-2006 RX-8 vehicles produced from April 10, 2003 through June 1, 2006.
Due to PCM software calibration issues, the following conditions may result:
i) The oil-injection metering system may be inaccurate causing poor engine sealing of the combustion chambers resulting in drivability or emissions problems.
ii) Too much fuel may be injected at the time of engine start causing carbon to be deposited on spark plugs or plugs may be flooded, causing a difficult start condition. In addition, the catalytic converter may be degraded on some vehicles.
iii) (Only 2006 RX-8 vehicles are affected.) A test value indicating engine coolant temperature may be incorrectly shown on the service tool when a diagnostic function test is performed at dealership.

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IMF = Road repavements & closures

It’s amazing how much effort the Singapore govt puts into just a single event just to make a bunch of angmohs happy. Imagine – over the past few months they’ve been relaying and repaving roads at breakneck speeds, almost 24/7 regardless of heavy traffic conditions (e.g. Orchard Road). Now, they’re closing the roads around the IMF event vicinity, perhaps for security reasons but prob also to ‘show’ the angmohs how well managed, clean and uncongested our roads are. Now if only they put in the same effort in things like freedom of expression and press.

(From motoring@Asia1) Several roads around the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre will be closed from Sept 10 to 20, to facilitate the IMF and World Bank meetings to be held there. These include sections of Nicoll Highway, Temasek Boulevard and Raffles Boulevard. A section of North Bridge Road will also be closed for a few hours on selected days within the same period, as will be some lanes along other roads in the Marina Bay area. The police have advised public to take public transport when possible, and to be prepared for last minute changes to traffic and bus routes. Due to the closures several bus routes will be affected, and the taxi stand in front of Suntec Singapore along Temasek Boulevard will be closed. The convention centre will be closed from Sept 8 to 20, but shopping areas like the Suntec City Shopping Mall, Marina Square Shopping Mall, Millenia Walk and CityLink Mall will continue to be open. Visit the Singapore Police Force Singapore 2006 website for more details go to the on traffic arrangements and road closures.

Traffic will be diverted at the junctions of:


  • Nicoll Highway and Republic Avenue
  • Bras Basah Road and Nicoll Highway
  • Esplanade Drive and Stamford Road
  • Middle Road and Nicoll Highway
  • Temasek Boulevard and Temasek Avenue

To enter the Marina Bay area, use:


  • East Coast Parkway (ECP) and exit at Rochor Road or
  • Republic Avenue via Crawford Street

For more information, please visit http://www.singapore2006.org/sections/announcement/announcement11082006.html

(Update: Day 1 Monday, Sept 11, ECP)

Traffic on the ECP at 8.30am – I’ve never seen the ECP towards town so jammed up before. We’re talking average speeds of 15-20kmh at the very max from the Marine Parade exit thru the speed cam before Rocher, and 40kmh from the Rocher exit thru Prince Edward. All in, it takes about 40 mins to clear Marine Parade to Raffles Place. Motorists living in the east, you’ve been warned..

(Update: Day 2 Tuesday, Sept 12, ECP)

According to the Singapore media: “the traffic was even lighter than the usual peak-hour traffic in and around the Suntec vicinity.” I don’t know what the producers/journos are smoking (ain’t weed supposed to be illegal here?) but there’s NO WAY traffic was lighter, unless you’re standing in the middle of the blocked streets. ECP at 7.30am in the morning was worse than ever….. same old 20kmh traffic speeds, not easing up till about 500m from the prince edward exit. More and more people are thinking that using the east coast park slip roads helps in beating the ECP jam – NOT. The jamups at the road junctions and the ramp up to the expressway actually makes you a little slower. My advice, dump the propaganda the media is dishing out, and get a bright and early start to your day…and remember to drive safe, I don’t want you kissing my bumper at any point 😉

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